Top Niches for Blogging: 5 steps to choose Most Profitable niche for blogging in 2020
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Top Niches for Blogging: 5 steps to choose Most Profitable niche for blogging in 2020

When talk comes to blogging its sounds very interesting. Maybe some of you eager to start your own blog. It’s quite impressive that you want to explore new things but Big question Mark comes across you when you think about on which Niche to start blogging. Don’t worry in this article I will discuss the Most Profitable niche for blogging in 2020.

The main question also arises that why you need to start a Blogging. Is it your interest or something else? I know that most of the answers could come that it’s their interset…

Blogging is the best way to explore your knowledge through online Platform especially talking about your website. Apart from Social media Mostly 95% of the people google for any problem. When talk comes to Top perfume under 3000, Top Dishes in India, Top hotels in India, even Now you search for the best niches for Blogging People google everything and seeks for best result.

Blogging Pathfinder: 5 steps to Choose Niche for Blogging

How to Choose Top Niche for Blogging?

From Now, Your self-identification has been started because from now you will find what is your actual interset and could start your blogging. Read each and every part that I am going to Discuss Below…

What should be your first step that, Your First step should be to Pick up the Topic you enjoy Talking about.

How to choose Top Niche for Blogging

1. Topic you enjoy talking About

Firstly, Find your interest means that what are that specific topic which fascinated you most. You may be Fascinated about sports, culture, Blogging Guide, Fascinated about Heath, etc.

You might be thinking that what can I do if I have an interest in more than one thing. No Problem, I have a solution for that also. In this case, You Pick up a 10 Topics that fascinated you both.

2. Pick up 10 Topic that Fascinated You more

Why i says that Pick up the 10 Topic that Fascinated You more. Here’s the Reason.

After Pick up 10 Topics, start writing about that Topic. If you stuck in any topic or seems like that it seems to be lack of interest then leave that Topic.

Repeat these steps and choose 3 topics out of that 10 Topics. What should be Your Next step. Your Next step should be Do Market Research.

3. Do Market Research for Your Niche

Aforesaid, Filter out 3 most appropriate Niche in which You are Interested. Suppose You have Filtered out sports category. Do market Research about sports Niche. You will Find that there are Huge amount of Competition. Ask yourself that “could You Survive in these Competition”. The Final Result out to be “NO”.

“Hard work Doesn’t Succeed If your Hard work is not linked with your Smart Work”

4. Take intermediate Niche

Why I am saying that take intermediate Niche. Suppose that you took a niche where the competition is very high in that case you will loose your interest in Blogging if You couldn’t get Positive Result. So take Intermidate Niche.

How to Choose Intermediate Niche

The big question arises that How to Choose Intermediate Niche for blogging. What is the actual Meaning of Intermediate Research?

Intermediate Research means that a niche that has good traffic as well it has a good source of income too.

5. Using Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools helps us to attract a visitors by Providing us Technical Data. What is that Technical Data?

Webmaster Tools is that tool from which we get a piece of information what our Visitors is Looking for or we can say that Which is Trending Topic in Market?

Here’s Some Webmater Tool are as Follows:

What are the Top 3 Most Profitable niche for Blogging in 2020?

If you are familiar to Blogging then you definetly knows about Niche. For begginer level it might sound Difficult ” What is a Niche? “.

Niche is the particular topic that you want to write about in your Blog. if it sounds Difficult to you then let’s Simpify it…

Let’s You have a interest in sports and want to write a blog on sports then Sports Category is your Niche. I hope, Now you have understood what i said.

I know that you are eagerly waiting for what is the most profitable niche for blogging in 2020. Now I am Discussing Profitable Niche but Read this full article after that only you will know about what is your actual interest.

1. Food Blogs

Food Blog is one of the trending Niche in world. In modern time everyone can make their foods only by Google it. Suppose You want make cake but you don’t know How to make cake what you do? Simply You Google it and search for Reciepe. It’s too simple…

When Talk comes to Profitable Niche it is top most Profitable Niche in Market but Again you have to ask a question to you what’s Your actual Interest?

Example of Food Blog is Food52

Food Blog is one of the most tending Niche in india
Food Blog is one of the most tending Niche in india

2. Health Blogs

Health Blogs itself reveals it’s identity, which means that what is this Blog about. If you want to know about Coronavirus Vaccine in 2020, Prevention of Coronavirus, How to get rid away from Gastric Problem, Fitness tips, Fitness Supplements, this all related topics are covered in Health Blogs.

When Talk Comes to Profit, it has a good source of income. I must say that it is the second most Profitable Niche in 2020.

Health is the most profitable niche for blogging
Health is the most profitable niche for blogging

3. Blogging Guide

What is the meaning of mine by saying the Blogging Guide, it means that if you are good in Content writing, knowledge of SEO (Search engine Optimization), good knowledge of web Designing, etc then You may have a good scope in Blogging Guide. Why I am using may, because it is the Power of self identification. If you will find an actual interest then i will Promise that you will a King of your emperor.

When Talk comes to Profit, I must say that it is 3rd most Profitable niche in India.

viaENS  is the top most Blogging Guide Niche in Jammu& Kashmir
viaENS is the top most Blogging Guide Niche in Jammu& Kashmir

Top Blogging Guide Niche in india is :

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