India China Border Face off 2020 in sikkim
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India China Border Face off 2020: Reason for India China Dispute

What is Going on in this world… I think that 2020 comes with many problems and has the intention of impact this world severely. After Coronavirus, Sushant Singh Rajput commits suicide, the new problem comes India China Border Face off 2020. Do You know Reason for India China Dispute?

We will Discuss it regardless of any religion, community, country, etc. In this Article I will tell you Whole Story Behind the India China Border Face off and Reason for India China Dispute.

India China Border Face off 2020

According to News, 20 Indian soldiers killed in Face-off at Galwan. What do you think only 20 Soldiers have killed? No The No. of Causality is Likely to be much higher, with Many Indian Soldiers having suffered grievous injury, they added on reports of Indian soldiers being Captured Military sources said that several were Missing but declined from giving Numbers or confirming whether they were in the custody of the Chinese Army.

Three of Personnel Killed have been identified as Colonel B. Santosh Babu, Havildar Palani from Tamil Nadu, and sepoy K.K Ojha from the Jharkhand.

India China Border Face off took Place in 15-16 June. Do you know the reason for india China Dispute. let’s Discuss it.

India China border Face off: 20 soldiers of India Killed
India China border Face off: 20 soldiers of India Killed

Casualties in India: India-china Face off 2020

  • 20 Indian Soldiers Killed in Face-off at Galwan
  • The no of Causalities in India has more than 20+. The Reports of Indian Soldiers being Captured Military Sources said that several soldiers are missing and they are not confirmed that whether these soldiers are in Chinese Custody or not.

20 Indians Soldiers Killed; 43 Chinese Casulaties: ANI

ANI ON TWITTER( International News Channel )

Casualties in China: India-China Face off 2020

Chinese Army Doesn’t Mention any Specific Fatalities, Chief editor of Global Time, Hu Xijn said that there were casualties on the china side as well. He also told India not to be arrogant and misread china’s restrain “as being weak”. China Doesn’t want to have a clash with India, but we don’t fear it,” he said”.

Source has reportedly told ANI, that Indian intercepts that the Chinese side suffered 43 Casualties and injuries. There has been a reported increase in Chinese chopper Activity across the LAC(Line of Actual Control).

ANI Report

Reason of India China Border Face off

India Military source told ” The Wire” there is no clarity. The Indian side may have crossed over as part of Disengagement talks.

During the Talks, there must have been quarrel and it escalated, and there was “Pushing and Shoving”. The Area where they met is very Treacherous and mountains. In the Pushing and shoving, the three seem to have slipped. we Didn’t Know if it was Deliberate or it Happened during the “Pushing and Shoving” Source Said.

India china border Face  off 2020: Reason for India china disputr
India China Face off: Line of Actual Control( LAC)

Reason For India China Dispute

India and China fought a war in 1962 after the war there was a formation of Line of Actual Control(LAC).

No official Border has been negotiated, where this India-China Border Face off occurred was a tourist Place on the High Altitude.

What India and China Want?

Both Country want to eatablish their Terriotry. China claims more than 90,000 sq km in the eaatern himalayas and another 38,000 sq km in the west, both of which are Disputed by india. India Construct the road at the border from which India troop will get Advantage.

India and China Disputes: History

  • May 5/6: India and Chinese troops scuffle at Pangong Tso in Ladakh resulting in injuries in Large numbers on both sides. Over 70 Army Personnel including a commanding officer injured.
  • May 9: Clash between troops at Naku La in north Sikkim resulting in injuries of both sides.
  • May 18: China accuses India of “trespass”, building “illegal” infrastructure on LAC.
  • May 21: MEA says Chinese troops “hindering normal Patrols”
  • May 27: China says Border situation”stable and controllable”
  • June 2: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh says Chinese troops present at LAC “in large numbers”
  • June 6: Military commanders talk on the Chinese side of LAC, identify five areas of conflict, Pangong Tso, Patrolling Point 4,15 and 7a AND Chusul Agree on limited “disengagement” from some of the areas.
  • June 15/16: 20 Indian Soldiers Killed in Face-off at Galwan.

India China Dispute: Review

What is Your Review about India china Dispute tell me in the comment box? Boycott Chinese Product and build a strong Indian economy. Tell me in the comment box. Could You Boycott Chinese Product? Tell me in the comment box.

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